What sort of Market Intelligence do you need?

Compare 3 European markets or go really in-depth in to one target market

Are you Ready?

Entrepreneurs leap in quickly to take advantage of opportunities in markets they know and understand, but not into the unknown. 

What will Brexit bring?

With uncertainty around the outcome of negotations between Britain and the EU, Irish companies are being encouraged to diversify

Meet in Dublin

The team will be in Dublin on 10th and 11th January 2018 and keen to meet you. Or we can schedule a call before then. 


Digital Islands and Kinetic Cubed are working together to support Irish companies seeking export growth in the UK and Europe

Invest in Intelligence

A modest investment in market intelligence can untangle prior perceptions, and give a clarity of focus to drive success.

European Team

With experienced market intelligence experts across in every major European market, we get under the skin of your sector. 


The detailed overview of the potential market and clear next steps based on a thorough analysis will be invaluable.


The team, led by Mark and Tony, produced a piece of high quality work and we were impressed with their professionalism and in-depth knowledge of the market and their clear commitment to the future of international business


We expect to arrive at a collaboration agreement within the next 6 months providing an additional £500k revenue (£80-£100k profit) to the business


Want some more information first?

Use the button below to download a 3-page PDF with more information about the market intelligence services from Digital Islands and Kinetic Cubed

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